Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wow can`t believe its been 7 months!!!!

Hi all,
  well like the title says i can`t believe its been 7 months ish since i last blogged ....
A lot has happened in that time but i have managed to keep crafting and if not crafting then collecting crafty goodies and storage storage storage... why is it you find just the right thing to keep some of ya stash in reorganise it all then find something even better or is that just me lol.

Anyway like i said i have been crafting and been round the blogs regular to see the stunning work that's out there just not had time to blog.
I am hoping to get a lot more done now my lovely mister bought me a shiny new laptop meaning i can blog from anywhere now :)

I was hoping to have some pictures done ready to put up but things got delayed again as i am just recovering from shingles.... and i can honestly say i never knew it could be that painful and am so glad to be on the recovery side of that. Right going to leave it there for now and work on getting some photos of the cards have been making .
Be Back Soon
Mel x


Donna said...

Hi Mel, thanks for the lovely comment over at mine :) hope you are beginning to feel better now, shingles can be so painful :( looking forward to seeing tome cards from you soon :) Donna ♥ x

Jo said...

Great to see you back and bloggin Mel.. how's your mum? Hope she's okay. xx