Saturday, 20 February 2010

May be MIA for a short while

Another Saturday and another trip to A&E
Have to say first, everything seems ok at the mo but have everything crossed it stays that way but i may be MIA for a short while.

This morning my middle daughter had some kind of fit or seizure whilst in bed,
when we got to her she was rigid and shaking we managed to get her to come round but then she could not move or speak which really panicked me this is where my eldest Bobbie took over, she is a first aider with St John`s she kept calm and got everything under control helping Toni as she regained movement in different parts of her body and and her speech came back very slowly and was very slurred for about 20 Min's or so whilst i rang the doctors and was told to take her A&E
Which i did straight away,
we are finally home now but are now awaiting an appointment for first fit clinic where hopefully they can find out more but, have been told if it happens again go straight back to A&E and she will be admitted.
So i will not be wanting to sleep tonight so that i can keep an eye on her.

Sorry for the quick post hope to catch up with you all soon
hugs Mel x


POPPET said...

OMG i hope that she is ok hun and you are not to worried, i know that sound crap but you know what i mean, hope all is well and i will keep my fingers crossed, hugs pops x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Mel
sorry to hear the news Mel, I bet you wont get much sleep tonite, I hope she doesnt take another one, keep us posted I will be thinking of you.
Christine x

Sarah A said...

Hi Mel

Gosh what a shocker that must have been for you all. I hope it was only a one off and that Toni gets over her ordeal.

Well done to Bonnie for putting into good use her first aid skills - it is not always easy when it is your own family but it sounds as though she did a great job!

Take care of yourself also as with all the worry and stress you don't want to run yourself down (((hugs)))

Sarah x

Dora said...

Hi Mel, so sorry to hear about all this. Thinking about you all xxxx

Dora said...

Hi Mel, again. hope all's ok now. Hop over to my blog when you can. I left you a sunshine award :)

Emma said...

Sending Toni get well hugs and thinking of you Mel.
Hugs Emma x