Sunday, 28 June 2009

Quick break

Hi all,
Well hear we are at the back end of another weekend and for me here is where the panic sets in, as the start of the new week brings destruction :( tomorrow the workmen will be here to take down the entire ceiling in my lounge and try and repair the drooped floor above hopefully without any damage to the water tank that is also above where they need to do most of the work,
So for the next few days the bathroom and lounge will be out of bounds and to get to the kitchen we will have to walk out and around the house so i may be MIA (missing in action) as everything and everyone is now in what was my craft room and most of my stuff is packed away for safety.
I am also extending my candy giveaway until the 2ND of July and will announce the winner the next morning as fingers crossed it will be all over :)
So till then i hope you all have a great week and i will be back asap to see all your fab creations.
Thank you for all your fab comments they really do brighten up my days :)
Hugs Mel x



Good morning Mel, oh dear the builders! hope they don't make too much mess for you hunny. This heat is too much for me, hope your fairing better! hugs Linda x

Janis said...

I hope you are relaxing a bit. Don't stress. Guarnateed to make you smile:
1. Must be said out loud
2. Must use hand gestures
3. Must be done with at least 1 other person in sight.
4. Using wide arms and a loud voice, say, "Breath in the good."
5. Suck up that air!
6. Blow the air out!
7. Using wide arms and a loud voice say, "Push away the bad!"

I promise you, this silly little thing will make you feel silly, make someone who hears and see it, make a goofy face, and laughs all around are guaranteed.

It's gotten to the point if my kids are stressed and I even just start to do this, they start smiling because they know what a goofy thing mom's about to do! LOL

Donna said...

Hi Mel, sorry I've not been around over the last week, sadly I've not had a lot of time for anything other than work :( you have made some fantastic cards and I really hope the building work is finished soon and without any problems :) Donna x