Monday, 8 June 2009

It`s so nice to be back...

Hi all ,
As the title says its so nice to back, I finally got a new PC took a bit longer that i had hoped but well worth the wait :) Only down side is it takes so long to find and install everything again.

Well it has been an hectic few month here since i last posted some good some not so good, but i am trying to focus mainly on the good, some of you may know that just before my PC gave up the ghost me and my mum (val from The Crafting pad) joined Slimming World and at our last visit last week I got my 2 and a half stone (35lbs) Award and Mum got her 2st Award (28lbs)
I still have a long way to go but it is helping so much going there and staying to meetings not only with my weight but also my confidence and shyness,
Sounds silly to think how can someone be so shy on the other end of the phone or typing a post for their blog but i`m afraid that's me but i am getting better (well if i actually post this instead of my usual delete and replace with a much smaller straight to the point post)
Also i have been packing some stuff as i will be having a lot of work done to my home soon but not sure when exactly so hoping to leave my crafting stuff till last as i will be lost once its all packed away.

I`m so looking forward to getting back into blogging , blog hoping and entering challenges again i hope to have a card up to show soon as my daughter Toni turned 16 over the weekend so hope to show the cards i made for her.
Hope you all have had a great start to your week
Hugs Mel x


Wendy said...

Welcome back Mell I have missed seeing your card. Thats brilliant about the weight loss, well done
Wendy x

Jo Austin said...

shy? Yep.. that's me too even though I sit in front of people and demo.. funny world, but I know how you feel.

Welll done on your weightloss too, sweetie.

Jo x

Poppy said...

nice to see your back Mel, congratulations on losing your weight.

Donna said...

Yay! Welcome back Mel, its so nice to see you back in blogland and congratulations to you and Val on your weight loss, well done to you both. I'm so looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations again :) Donna x